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[27 Oct 2002|03:58pm]
stop being not home! i have exciting things to speak at you about! well.. kinda. either way i need you! every now and then in my life, for no reason at all, jenny.... i need you.

every now and then i fall apart
and i need moreeee than ever.

etc etc
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[25 Oct 2002|10:25am]
exploding a leaves the building, toxicity levels decline.
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[23 Oct 2002|08:32pm]
dear hubba numbre.. je ne sais pas (i know you don't speak my crazy cezch speak)

i was walking around (up and down the block for, like, a year because holly likes to forget everything) and i had bowl of oranges stuck in my head and thus this incredible longing to listen to the song starting tearing away at my soul and i had to come back and listen to it on repeat... except it sucks that it has that long music crap at the end of it cuz i have to restart the song myself if i dont want to listen to it.. workworkwork.

anyway, the point is, it sucks to have to eat your words. but really i'm not eating my words, because he does still sound like a crappy ben kweller, ..just a crappy ben kweller i may be learning to appreciate.

i saw a mini jurassic park poster in the columbia bookstore today and i wanted to get it and send it to you but then i remembered, oh yeah, i'm poor. bahhhh. but i have oreos! prehistoric creatures need nabisco.

bisquick.. i like that word.
list of possible famous people/ljboyfriends you should consider dating:
-frodo, the hair, the eyes
-bright eyes, you like him even when he's drunk.. that's real love
-corey feldman, that kid's a meatball
-julia stiles, you could listen to her julia-voice all day, swap clothes and style eachother's hair while hanging out with johnny and his smelly friends in central park
-that guy who types f******, you know the one
-the guy with the veiny clown mask from slipknot.. babybaby.

hope this helps
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more later, but for now: [22 Oct 2002|12:09pm]
to nicole j with love:

i am never dating anyone again. unless he's famous.

or has a really hip lj.

you know what i'm talkin' bout, yo.

from the raptor (with love.)
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[21 Oct 2002|10:51pm]
dear hubba,

i miss you too.

today was only so-so (though it would have been complete crap if it weren't for lj-hubba-hubbing) because i'm an ineffective liar. also because i had cold turkey for dinner. i don't even like turkey when it's warm. so when it's cold it's like.. packaged lunchmeat, minus the packaging. all slimy and raw.

on a non-what-i-ate-for-dinner-related note:

dr. robert bakker, one of jurassic park institute's scientific advisors, announced the discovery of a new dromaeosaur that was uncovered at wyoming's famous como bluff site. according to bakker, this is an extremely significant discovery, as it places a member of the dromaeosaur family in the jurassic period, making it the oldest raptor yet discovered. dr. bakker and his team recovered teeth, bones, and the foot claw, or "killer claw", from the site. dr. philip currie, also a jpi advisor and the head of the jurassic foundation, agreed that the remains are from a very early dromaeosaur.

"the fighting claw is proportionally thicker than that found on dromaeosaurus," said dr. bakker. "this critter would have looked like a small version of ttahraptor." the dinosaur
is has yet to be named jenny."

mmhmm. s'what i thought.


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[21 Oct 2002|12:04pm]
dear hubba,

i miss you.

so tell me how the heck you are, man.


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